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Vintage Oversized Round Sunglasses

Vintage Oversized Round Sunglasses

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Vintage oversized round sunglasses are a timeless and fashionable accessory that can make a statement in any outfit. With their large round frames and retro appeal, these sunglasses are perfect for those who want to add a touch of vintage style to their look. Our collection of vintage oversized round sunglasses features a range of colours and designs, from classic black frames to bold and vibrant hues.

These sunglasses provide both style and protection, making them a must-have for any sunny day. The oversized frames provide ample coverage from the sun's harmful rays, while the high-quality lenses ensure crystal-clear vision. The durable frames are made with premium materials, providing both comfort and longevity.


Lenses Optical Attribute: UV400

Lenses Material: Polycarbonate

Lens Width: 74mm-Large Frame

Lens Height: 74mm-Classic Oversize Eyewear

Frame Material: Polycarbonate

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