About Us

WithinShades was established in 2022 by a young entrepreneur from the United Kingdom. Thinking about life and the modern-day society, shades are a way to express yourself. As a child I would find sunglasses sitting around in my house and put them on to look cool. Looking into someone’s eyes makes it easier for them to make judgement about your character and I took the opportunity to shut away that by creating mystery by putting on a pair of sunglasses.

I believe it doesn’t take the big designer brands to express who you are. You express yourself through your unique style and the person behind the style influences it.

I believe sunglasses are beneficial for protecting your eyes. However, I also believe they are fashionable. Shades are a way to set yourself apart from the crowd, and there are many different styles available so it's easy to find a style that matches your personality.

With this is mind I started WithinShades. In 2022. A brand with a deeper look into shades, inspiring individuals to embrace their style through the frames they put on was born.